We believe sending large files should be simple and easy
It's free!
...and transfer instantly
Transfer Files 
We believe you should simply drag and drop files to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. You should be able to transfer large files instantly, over and over again to as many different people as you want — even if they are not on KwiqFlick. 
Store large files

Sending large files should be fast, simple and easy. You should have your files at your fingertips and you should be able to transfer large files instantly whenever you want to.

Upload files...
We Believe in Simple and Easy
No matter what you do...

Whatever you do and whatever project you are working on, we firmly believe that you should not have to worry about getting precious files to where you need them to go. 

You should be able to simply instantly transfer them whenever you need to. Let us instantly transfer your files and you concentrate on the project!

No matter where you are...

Simply upload and send. No more sending links, no more complicated ways of getting your files to someone, just send and they get your photos, videos, files — it's a simple as that. 

Instantly sync...

Once you upload your files into your own storage space in your account, you can just hang on to them for as long as you want. Then, when you need to, simply send them instantly to whoever you want to. 

Transfer instantly, just drag and drop...
KwiqFlick users say...

“Since we’ve used KwiqFlick, we’ve found that transferring files is so easy. We upload them once and then just send them instantly to whoever we need to in a variety of formats. Our clients love it too, being able to send us their assets without clogging up their email.” 

Simon Judd SJ Creative founder

"KwiqFlick is simple and easy to use. We get our candidates to record introduction videos and them transfer them to our clients in seconds, which saves our clients time and money. Everybody wins!" 

Danielle Nason Director

"KwiqFlick saves us so much time and money that we've embedded it into to our core recruitment process. We can instantly transfer screening videos to hiring managers for them to view and any of our recruitment agency partners can instantly send us introduction videos and files." 

Leah Carnegie HR Director

Download as zip 

One of the great features is that you can download a whole folder as a zip file to share all the content of a project easily. 

Download folders

Collaborating should be easy. Share folders with someone to collaborate with them or share your holiday photos. It's easy, simply drag the folder over to the chat with the person you want to share with. 

Share folders...
We believe that sending and transferring files should be so simple, you shouldn't have to think about it. Drag and drop for  instant transfer at your convenience.  
You should be able to access your files anywhere anytime ready to send at any time. 
We believe in simple and easy
We want you to upload files, photos and videos to the cloud anywhere on any device ready to transfer at your convenience.
It should be easy to work with files online
Make life simple and easy